“Bring On The Rain” – Albert Castiglia

April 19th at The Ale & The Witch in St. Pete, FL was a special night for The Albert Castiglia Band. This show debuts the talents of Albert’s new bassist, Justine Tompkins, and is the premier of two of the new tracks from Albert’s forthcoming album, ‘Masterpiece’. This particular song, ‘Bring On The Rain’ was the last song recorded for the album, and takes Albert’s talent as a songwriter and musician to another level. It’s fitting that it was a blustery outdoor spring night that saw the debut of this intense track. Along with Albert on guitar and vocals, Brian Menendez is on drums, and Justine Tompkins on bass. For more info on Albert’s music and tour schedule go to www.albertcastiglia.net

“Blues In My Heart” – John Nemeth

More from a fantastic performance by John Nemeth and his band at The Palladium Theatre in St. Pete, FL, back in November 2018. In addition to John, we have Matthew Wilson on guitar & vocals, Danny Banks on drums & vocals, and Willie G. Stephens on keyboards & vocals. Blues In My Heart really shows the deep passionate blues this band can dig down and do. Matthew Wilson really shows some great blues guitar work in this track. Be sure to check out the tour schedule for John Nemeth at www.johnnemeth.com